Where this goes is impossible to predict

OFF THE GLASS: The Finnish Flash weighed in on the lockout on his blog Monday and fired a few shots in commissioner Gary Bettman direction. Anaheim Ducks winger Teemu Selanne, 42, the oldest player in the league, can believe he involved in the third work stoppage of his career. Is certainly the NHL most hated person, Selanne said in a translated version.

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6. Hammertoe. A hammertoe is a toe that bends up permanently at the middle joint. Where this goes is impossible to predict, because all three actors are so good at portraying characters who are only pretending to trust each other. Goodman has never played a role like this, and is excellent as a nerdy religious nutcase who may or may not be a psychopath. And Winstead anchors the film as a smart, resourceful woman who refuses to accept anything at face value..

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