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My first DJ experience was DJing my eighth grade middle school dance. As a kid I was excited to have the teacher trust me to DJ for my friends, and it was pretty cool too showing off in front of them only because O was never a confident kid growing up. Weeks leading up to the actual gig, with tons of preparation I show up to school with equipment on hand.

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Apparently those times have passed. Now these old buildings are for some, an uncomfortable reminder of what we once were. Is it time to shed our past and embrace the facade of a slick new future?. Carter was still close with former teammates Jalen Rose and Morris Peterson at the time, and watched the game with keen interest.”I was glad I missed that,” Carter laughed Tuesday. “It’s easy when you’re sitting at home, (to say) ‘Just double team him.’ Well if you’re watching, they were trying to send double teams. When a guy is in a moment, rhythm like that, I’ve never scored 81 points, I’ve scored 60 something in some summer games.”You watch Kobe Bryant playing the game like he was playing against college, high school guys.

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