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I used Wix to create my website and before I began developing it, I spent a few hours over a four day period becoming familiar with Wix and its features and became privy to the types of creativity I could incorporate into the website. I abided by a red, white and green colour scheme throughout as this corresponded with Handital’s logo and also followed specific fonts to make the website flow and enhance the professionalism. I didn’t want to present the photos plainly so I discovered interesting ways to present them such as fades and click through galleries.

Something about it moves people even people that don’t understand it, come into a party and they just feel it. From reggeaton to dancehall to cumbia and salsa, all remixed in today’s modern EDM form. I’ve learned to grasp the tropical bass genre and been lucky enough make my own remixes for artist as well as my own edits for fun that have helped out other DJs in their sets..

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