The singer/actress shared the big jump on Instagram

You can go fancy and get yourself a big ole pair of studio friendly headphones. They can deliver insane sound anywhere. But they tend to be really big and unwieldy. Police found that, while there was no evidence that he had been involved in the prior theft, he was wanted on a Lorain police warrant. The man, 66, of Oberlin, was arrested on the warrant and turned over to Lorain police. May 12, a program manager at a group home reported that two employees had assaulted a resident, a 21 year old autistic man.

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Filthy on the Victorian centric, this has all gotta be about Victoria. It a national competition, play it where it best fits Australia, not necessarily Melbourne. I am born and bred in Victoria, and I love Victoria, but we got to grow up. I remember one time I asked Mom where babies came from and with a RED face she said “we don’t talk about those things, You will find out all those things when you get married” Need less to say I never asked Mom anything again. Pregnant was a nasty word, you had to say” expecting” or” In a family way”. Part of the assignment was to find an article about memories of growing up that reasonated with you.

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