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“We are somewhat concerned that a reliance on a tree offsets scheme could see some areas left without adequate tree canopy cover, and unduly impacted by the heat island effect she said. “The scheme would need to be exceptionally well managed to ensure that we don leave some areas of Canberra worse off.” Public consultation on the discussion paper is open until December 8. October 23 2019 1:30PMACT government launches review of tree lawsACT set for tougher heritage laws after scarred tree fellingACT’s tree protection laws could be changed amid developer’s battle over Manuka tree’It’s unacceptable’: Canberra is losing 3000 trees a yearNine year Manuka tree saga comes to an endTwo categories of trees on private land are granted protection under the laws registered trees and regulated trees.Registered trees have the highest protection and cannot be axed.A regulated tree can be felled, but only with approval from the ACT’s Conservator of Flora and Fauna.The conservator can approve a tree’s removal for a number of reasons, including if it is dying, presents a risk to public safety or is causing “substantial” damage to a building.The paper argues that the requirement for “substantial” damage is a high threshold, citing one example in which a tree cannot be removed despite its roots causing a trip hazard.It suggests the criteria could be changed to be more “outcome focused”.But any moves to simplify some tree protection laws would sit alongside measures designed to grow and protect Canberra’s overall canopy coverage, such as the offset scheme.The paper notes that without measures to protect Canberra’s tree canopy, up to half of the approximately 770,000 trees on private land could be lost over the next 20 years..

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