The dark weather causes the street to be filled with

The teams observed a moment of silence for Skaggs as did other teams around the game before the first pitch of Tuesday night’s game. The Angels hung Skaggs’s No. 45 jersey in their dugout, and the Rangers’ grounds crew painted a large, red “45” into the back of the pitcher’s mound.

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“I am not in favor of a fourth and 15 from the 25 or whatever it was,” Priefer said in a press conference in February. “I think that is silly. I think you can make some changes to it. If you must walk your dog in a crowded place or a place with cars that are coming and going frequently, consider choosing a reflective collar or leash. The dark weather causes the street to be filled with headlights and streetlights, and with your dog not being as tall as you, it can be hard for drivers to see him properly. This can prove to be extremely dangerous for the dog.

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