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Bartending nights and weekends can be a drain to a person energy so it is important to take this gig if it fits in a person current schedule. The best thing about bartending weekends is a person is not going to spend money while they are working so they are saving as well as earning at the same time. Finding a high volume bar is important as the more customers the more opportunities there are for tips.

(Before going further, it should be noted again that Kings schools did not sponsor or run the team. The team’s official name was, if you can believe this, “THE WET DREAM TEAM” and it was printed on the front of the jerseys. But puerile and tasteless as that may be, it pales in comparison with the egregiousness of the racist fake player names.

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As well, for almost any family the record keeping in the rural South and Appalachia was thin at best. Often, the records do not exist at all. Attempting to find information about your family, even births and deaths, can be like trying to grab the brass ring on a merry go round with your eyes closed.

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