It’s also a clever skewering of show business

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Cousin Debbie. She’ll even talk to herself. Now I get why Maezie she’s the dog tried to bolt out the door every time I came home pre lockdown. Her little head was pounding.. Still, creative types like those in the Maine filmmaking community are nothing if not resourceful, quick on their feet and, well, creative. That’s why the Maine Outdoor Film Festival has created an on the fly filmmaking contest and mini festival for those wishing for a chance to show their own filmmaking chops. The Extra Credit Adventure Edit is MOFF’s call to all you skiers, bikers, runners, climbers, hikers, paddlers and other wilderness warriors to dig out those GoPro highlights of your best, most daring, and/or calamitously funny Maine outdoor adventures and compete (from the sequestered safety of home) against each other..

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