Cette pratique est encore plus marque chez les 18 24

To me, this is a form of terrorism and it is hysterical, not reasonable, thinking. When some high profile person such as Kelly is fired because they have said something that blacks interpret as racism, it sends a chilling message to all white people. White people have been in terror of saying the wrong thing about black people because of such incidents.

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Scroll down to the headline Tolerance Watch. CecilMon, 30 Nov 0001 00:00:00 +0000I strongly anti handgun, I think hunting is awful but I don want to ban it, I don have much of a problem with rifles.I think the principal (or whoever, assistant principal) overreacted to the shirt but I understand why he/she did. I think public school teachers walk around many days with nagging thoughts of Columbine in their heads.

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