But after Morey’s tweet, even the Chinese

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cheap jerseys Several NBA players including major current and former stars like Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant go to China annually to promote their individual brands, and the World Cup held in China this summer saw countless fans attending in NBA jerseys.The Rockets, largely because of Yao, have an enormous Chinese following. But after Morey’s tweet, even the Chinese government’s consulate office in Houston issued a statement saying it “expressed strong dissatisfaction” with the team.”We have lodged representations and expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Houston Rockets, and urged the latter to correct the error and take immediate concrete measures to eliminate the adverse impact,” the consulate general’s office said in a statement Sunday.The Chinese league said Sunday on its official Twitter like Weibo account that Morey had made “improper remarks regarding Hong Kong” to which it expressed its “strong opposition.”The protests that started in June over a now shelved extradition bill have since snowballed into an anti China campaign amid anger over what many view as Beijing’s interference in Hong Kong’s autonomy that was granted when the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997.Protests continued raging this weekend after the shooting of a 14 year old boy Friday night the second protest victim of police gunfire stoked fears of more bloody confrontations. An 18 year old protester was shot at close range by a riot officer last week. cheap jerseys

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