Building toys like Lego are still very popular with

Just like a car needs oil to perform, a robot needs grease. Proper lubrication of your robots’ axes ensures minimum friction, heat, and vibration, which may otherwise wreck havoc on its performance. However, even if you are following schedules and keeping up with the greasing requirements, there are certain behind the screen factors that you may not be aware of.

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Although Nagpur maximum temperature was the highest this season, it did not beat any records. Last year, the weather station recorded 47.5 degrees Celsius on May 28 while the all time high was recorded on 47.9 degrees Celsius on May 23, 2013. Nagpur had recorded 47.8 degrees Celsius in 1954, 47.7 degrees Celsius in 2003 and 47.6 degrees Celsius in 2005, according to IMD historical data..

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