“Before any decisions are made exactly the same as

“We’re anticipating we can do that in the next week to 10 days.”Before any decisions are made exactly the same as this stage’s decision, we will have very similar meetings with players and managers to explain to them how contact training would work and so they can raise their concerns and questions and we can answer any medical concerns they might have.”It’s exactly the same process repeated we have done for this stage of the protocols, we’ll repeat that for stage two.”Read MoreMirror Football Top StoriesMasters also confirmed that further talks are now being held with TV companies as they will have to pay back up to 762m if the season is not completed and 340m even if it is.Masters added: “For the remaining 92 games we were able to give clubs a very brief update on that and the discussions we are having with both the Government and the broadcasters to try to come up with the right formula.”Out of the respect to all of those broadcast partners I Cheap Jerseys from china don’t think it is right to confirm any specific part of it.”(Image: Lintao Zhang)Premier League medical expert Richard Garlick and doctor Mark Gillett were also on the call. Gillett said they would not copy Germany by putting players in self isolation before games.Gillett said: “The advice we https://www.jerseys-nfl.com are getting from government is that if you are going to isolate you have to do it for 14 days. So you will need to be in a hotel environment for 14 days to make it truly effective.”Now that is something we are going to need to think about and consult widely with players, managers, clubs, LMA, PFA all the stakeholders as we move through into that Cheap Jerseys free shipping phase.”It certainly something that will be discussed.

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