Atlanta All Star Trae Young, who idolized Bryant,

I so wish our comments could change the world but honestly I am afraid they never will. Powerful people run the show and use these realities to their best interest, we don see any news of going into their country and fighting for their democracy and safety? no oil there? not a big disaster to funnel millions into someone pockets unaccounted for? what happened to fundraisers for other nations to be honest would those who need help really get the help? it is not just south America, we are seeing a world in crisis everywhere and it is looking like its those who are in power are only looking out for themselves. May God help us bear the pain and suffering all around us may those who suffer find help somewhere? yes our nation cannot help alone if we are not helping ourselves first we are suffering those who are not rich, who can stop the corruption all around us? who? and how? I say yes help but in there country not ours? they need to help themselves fight for peace and well being why is this not a just cause to go help in their country? what is worth fighting for anymore?.

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