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Seriously, you say what everyone apparently wants to hear about football and tradition at UM, but Bo, Mo, Lo, and Ro respected the uniform. In less than 1 season, we changed uniforms twice and on top of that, followed (yes, FOLLOWED) something Sparty did. We (Michigan) have spent so much credibility on that we are in danger of losing our identity now.

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Those individuals were ordered into quarantine but the school has remained open, the BZ newspaper reported on Monday. Rubio named acting chair of intelligence panelFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio will temporarily become chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican leaders announced Monday, taking charge of the panel at a time of turnover and tension in the nation intelligence community.

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“It’s like a second chance,” Nightengale said. “I had prepared myself that if I didn’t get drafted or I did, this would be the end of it (at South Alabama). But now I know I will at least have that chance at another year to come back and play if I need it.

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